RiSE affirmations are an opportunity to show ourselves some self-love while we do our skincare routine, and remind ourselves that we are brave, powerful, and worthy of love.

The Importance of Affirmations

We are pretty proactive when it comes to daily skincare rituals, but what about daily self-care and self-love rituals? 

Positive affirmations are key to self-love and gratitude. When we practise positive affirmations along with our daily skincare, we are permitting ourselves to let go of negativity, anxiety, and fear. Daily affirmations change how we see the world around us, allow us to be more loving and patient with ourselves, and let the sunshine into our lives.

The RiSE Affirmation

Repeat Daily

I am proud of myself for who I am.

I am authentic, brave, confident, and honest.

I will show myself respect and I will appreciate myself every day. 

I am proud of myself. I will always make time for myself.

I am strong, bold and amazing. I am beautiful. I will always show myself love.

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