RiSE skincare is a down-to-Earth, no-hidden-nasties, all-Australian company. We combine a simple, no-frills, daily skincare routine with positive affirmation rituals to build good habits of self-love and self-care.

RiSE has been created with the thought of girls and boys. Our products are designed to help introduce skincare to young people and help them to develop confidence, pride, and self-love through daily RiSE affirmations. 

Our fragrances are very soft and neutral, the packaging is simple and positive.  This age bracket is delicate, RiSE is created to support and nourish them.

We believe in authenticity, positivity, and creating daily rituals to last a lifetime.

Because self-care shouldn’t be just skin deep.

Illuminating Skin and Empowering Minds. Because True Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep.

A message from our founder

Hi, I'm Katie.  

As a mum of two girls – Mia, who is just entering her teens, and Aria, who is seven going on 16 – I know very personally the challenges that youth today face when trying to care for their ever-changing skin.

And, that’s why I started RiSE.

I wanted to create a skincare brand that was kind to the skin, suitable for the whole family and made a difference in the world. I know, sounds pretty ambitious, right? 

It had to be a no-nasties skincare range. Paraben-free, sulphate free, cruelty-free, and with organic and natural ingredients packaged in a recyclable bottle.

But that’s not all I focused on.

Now, more than ever, teaching young ones the importance of self-care is critical in an era of social media, uncertainty, and bullying. 

Thanks to social media, everyday skincare and taking a little “me-time” is something our sons and daughters know a little about, but curating the right product that brings self-love and self-care together is what I realised was missing from a very skin-shaming and self-conscious culture.

RiSE skincare is more than a daily ritual. It’s a way to begin a conversation around self-love.

The Significance of Self-Love

A message for the parents

I experienced the effects of bullying through my daughter’s eyes. It began when she was eight years old, and unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared. Naively I thought that I wouldn’t have to deal with guiding her through this sort of situation until at least high school, telling myself that by then we would have a strong communicative relationship where we would navigate this together. I was wrong, on so many levels.  

I wanted to give her self-worth and, to be honest, it was hard. I wasn’t sure how to even begin.

Together, we’ve had to work on navigating this new problem. I had to learn the best ways I could talk to her, and how to approach these delicate and sometimes difficult, conversations. What we discovered was that one powerful tool for building these self-love skills was daily affirmations. 

Every day, we are discovering new ways to approach this problem, together. We’ve come a long way, and I am sure we are still only at the beginning of this journey.  

Mums, dads, and those who can relate with my story – instead of worrying about how to help our kids avoid pain, hurt and bullying entirely, what we need to do is educate them first. We need to show them and empower them, fill them with information and tools on how to handle these situations. 

Most of all, we need to be honest with them and affirm them about who they are, before they are labelled anything else in the schoolyard. 

This is where RiSE came from. I wanted to begin making a difference in Australian households like mine – daily.

With love from one parent to another,



They grow up so fast!

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