RiSE in support of Dolly’s Dream.

RiSE in support of Dolly’s Dream.

Encouraging conversations around bullying and protecting our young people.

Here at RiSE, we want to make the world a better place. Mental health, teaching good habits, and investing into the well-being of our children is something we believe in very strongly at RiSE. 

In addition to supporting families around Australia with a positive skincare range, we’ve decided to support a charity that aligns with our mission, vision, and values.

We are blessed and honoured to announce that for every Face Routine Set sold, $2 from the sale of this product will be donated towards the Dolly’s Dream. 

That means, with every purchase you make through RiSE, you’ll enjoy clearer and happier skin, a daily ritual of positive affirmations, and you’ll be helping to support a wonderful cause. Together, we can all act as a voice to speak out against bullying and support those who need it most. 


What is Dolly’s Dream?

Dolly’s Dream is a cause near and dear to the hearts of RiSE. 
“Dolly’s Dream was created by Kate and Tick Everett following the shattering loss of their 14-year-old daughter, Dolly, to suicide, after ongoing bullying. Kate and Tick’s goal is to prevent other families from walking this road. They want to change the culture of bullying by addressing the impact of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide through education and direct support to young people and families. Dolly’s Dream is proudly brought to you by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.”



Why RiSE has aligned itself with Dolly’s Dream

We created RiSE with the vision that this isn't just a skincare line for tweens, but a complete revolution of teen skincare to help improve mental wellbeing, build self-esteem, and give our young ones positive-mindset building blocks.

Positive habits help us to conquer the day with positivity, confidence, and fearlessness. RiSE  products help our loved ones practice daily positive affirmations while caring for their skin. By encouraging our youth to start their day mindfully, we are helping to build positive habits and mindsets that last a lifetime.

Make your next skincare purchase one that contributes to a wonderful movement. Shop the RiSE skincare Face Routine Set here and we’ll make sure $2 from every sale goes towards Dolly’s Dream. 

To learn more about the work that Dolly’s Dream does, be sure to visit their website: https://dollysdream.org.au/


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